IERPE specializes in empirical social sciences research with special focus on political economy and development economics. The Institute has conducted over 25 projects including a multi-year public opinion research (Afrobarometer), education and social mobility and, experimental research in political economy and governance.



IERPE collaborates with ASE in training students at the Masters level so as to prepare them in advanced empirical research and to ease access to doctoral studies in political economy, applied statistics and political science.

Additionally, the Institute conducts research in several areas pertinent to development. As the coordinator of Francophone countries for the Afrobarometer network, IERPE conducts research, collects data and disseminates information regarding Africans' opinion on democracy, governance, economic reforms, civil society and the quality of standards of living of African people. As a core partner, IERPE coordinates those activities in every francophone country in the network.


IERPE's vision is to contribute to training a new generation of researchers and officials in social sciences and to use empirical research as a tool to highlight various options in public policy for the sustainable development of Africa in general and of Benin in particular.


Our Objectives

  • High level training of experts and researchers in public economics and applied statistics
  • Improving the decision making process in national and international matters
  • Quality of public service delivery
  • Quality of the management of public goods and services